SWAP has raised ~1 million $ in seed funding from the Israeli Innovation Authority and private investors.



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SWAP Technologies Ltd



SWAP is highly successful in securing funding in the form of private investment and grants from local and global sources. SWAP has raised ~1,000,000 $ in a seed round from governmental, private and strategic Investors used for the initial R&D. The company, however, is deemed non-bankable because it cannot leverage sufficient funding from the private market until it reaches its next development milestone that will allow it to reach exponential growth and significant market disruption. The next development milestone is set to a complete and qualified product. The company is non-bankable because its commercial activity has not reached the scale that can make the company profitable (break-even point is foreseen only two years after the project ends).

SWAP will use the coming funding rounds to reach TRL8 during the pilot #2 project and will use the coming Investment for the initial commercialisation steps. The company is negotiating in these days with several investors to fund pilot #2 and TRL9 activities in this project and the subsequent activities after the project ends. During the period between project approval and signature of investment agreement, SWAP will finance the remaining expenses of the activities supported by the funding rounds out of its on sources.

SWAP has demonstrated a sustaining business from early stages of the company’s activity. Similarly, the long term vision of the company is to become a self-sustaining company which relies on its incoming revenue for covering its expenses while not risking growth and future scaling. Hence, SWAP’s strategy to fund its activities in the coming years is based on a mixture of revenue and additional funding rounds with a longer vision of an initial public offering (IPO) to build a global brand.