Pilot #1

Pilots are an integral and essential part of SWAP’s market penetration strategy. Pilots are particularly crucial for SWAP as its offering is unique, and most customers are not familiar with its basics and core benefits.

Hence, pilots are an excellent opportunity to let customers evaluate their technology and become more familiar with core concepts along the way.

SWAP developed a pilot plant in the South of Israel. The pilot plant was built, as shown in the following picture.

Based on the experimental results of pilot #1, SWAP intends to construct an advanced system, as Pilot #2 will include a full demonstration of our advanced technology, the system will function as emergency generator in Ashdod port and will supply 250 kW for 4 hours.
The energy storage device will be occupied with an advanced control system capable of adjusting the charge and discharge rate according to need. Thus, SWAP’s system provides an optimal storage volume for solar and wind farms, at much lower prices than the market offers today.


Feasability Test

SWAP technologies have performed several feasibilities studies. The following table describes the milestones achieved since the company was founded.

Milestones Achieved




Completing the engineering design of air-water gasket


The task was completed in 50% due to the understanding that the original design was not good, a new concept was developed.

Change of concept – New idea


An elevated water reservoir application has required large quantities of water. Therefore, it was decided to develop a new energy production process that imitates the original concept, a water jet-propelled in high velocity by air pressure, with minimal quantities of water and low-cost production.

New design


Set up a full production plans that complies with the new development requirements.

Manufacturing an experimental system


Manufacturing and purchasing large pressure air vessels, piping, sensors, gauges, air and water taps.

Installation and Construction


The construction of the system was accompanied by drilling in the depth of 40 meters, installing several air and air-water vessels in the soil.

Commissioning and Operation


After installation, we started to spin water in the system, the activation has been accompanied by many malfunctions, including a fraction of water taps. After two months of handling the system malfunctions stabilisation was achieved

Measuring and recording


The system was activated using the control software interface, the test results were recorded, and we managed to control the water flow as we anticipated.

Development of our “Liquid compressor” using pump to charge our air vessels system.


Based on the experimental results of pilot #1, Pilot #2 will include a full demonstration of our advanced technology including our “Liquid Pistons” technology.

SWAP won Ashdod Port Bid


Signing on a contract with Ashdod port to construct a 1,000 kWh energy storage system.

The system was tested and measured by the control system. We have operated the system for several months, all the measures shown in the GUI’s print screen have been recorded to the data collection system. The concept of propelling water with pressurised air in large scale was validated in this pilot plan.

Based on these results, the company has moved forward to the next step of developing and building Pilot #2.