Who we are

SWAP is a shortcut of Stored Water Air Pressure; We store air with water and produce power with water and air. SWAP uses the most natural materials of nature to store energy and produce power. 

The company was established in 2016 and developed its first pilot in South of Israel. The pilot was up and running at 2018 capable of storing 15 kWh (~60 kilowatts with 15-minutes storage time). The company invested ~1 Million $ of which it received a 50% grant from Israel Innovation Authority and 50% investment from private investors. Based on successful experimental results of pilot #1, SWAP intends to construct its pilot #2, an energy storage system of 1,000 kWh in Ashdod port.

SWAP’s solution is disrupting the Energy Storage Systems Market. The company’s approach is uniquely designed for this purpose – technologically and business-wise.

SWAP offers an innovative energy storage solution which is compressing air using water pump in “liquid pistons” technology. This innovation resolves two problems that have failed the CAES technology so far. 1. High cost of high-pressure air compressors 2. Low efficiency of air compressors.

The use of water pump instead of compressor will overcome these barriers. In this way, SWAP’s solution will enable energy to be stored in high efficiency and cost significantly lower than our competitors – lithium batteries.

SWAP’s target user-group is solar and wind power producers. Energy field owners seek for solution to increase their profit. SWAP storage system will enable field owners to maximize their electricity production. SWAP plans to sell 3 typical products in the next five years: Product A – 2,000 kilowatt-hour storage system, product B – 4,000 kilowatt-hour storage system and product C – 40,000 kilowatt-hour storage system.


Meet the team

Joshua Mesinger

Mr. Messinger is the owner of “Mesinger Joshua”, a building company that has been dealing for 30 years with carrying out construction projects and developing infrastructure of various types throughout Israel. Mr. Mesinger has extensive experience in building structures, systems and application of manufacturing prefabricated structures.

Co- Founder

Shay Cohen

Graduate of the Technion I.I.T, M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering specialising in developing energy systems and mechanical design. Mr. Cohen has extensive experience in leading R&D projects, Business development, commercial experience in negotiations, margin growth and savings, capital raising, defining and characterising needs, writing requirements documents and technical documents.

Co-Founder, CEO & VP R&D

Shlomo Barak

Mr. Barak is a veteran entrepreneur with immense experience in R&D and business development. Mr. Barak was VP at Amdocs Israel and Amdocs Dallas Tx USA. Shlomo has a Msc in Mathematics & Computer Science.


Aharon Rabinovich

Aharon Rabinovich, CPA, is the C.E.O of a leading company importing and selling fasteners, fixing
systems and other related equipment in the Israeli construction industry. Experience in commercial
negotiations. Previously, took a leading part in a successful IPO of industrial company at the Tel-Aviv
Stock Exchange. Previously a senior manager auditor in an Auditing firm for 6 years. Served 7 years
in the IDF as a naval officer. Graduated in Accounting and Economics at the Haifa University and
achieved a CPA qualification.

Vp business development